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About Us

Established in 2016, however with a wealth of experience OMS LubriTek have established themselves as an industry leading oil management service provider into industries where hydraulic oil quality is of paramount importance, with a key focus on the Plastic manufacturing sectors.

Working with both machine suppliers and manufacturing companies, OMS LubriTek offer tailored packages to suit individual customer needs to provide effective and proactive solutions. For machine manufacturers the focus is supplying high quality hydraulic oil filtered to the required ISO cleanliness level. With manufacturers we have extensive success of working in partnership with Maintenance and Production teams to reduce costly spare part spend and increasing operational efficiency rates through machine optimisation and reductions in downtime. We understand the issues experienced within sensitive machinery, for example sticking valves through hydraulic oil oxidisation and have developed a range product and service solutions to solve this common problem through our VRT UltraClean additive.

Being a technically thinking company and through extensive knowledge of the lubricants industry customer education is of great importance. By selecting higher performing products such as our GPII UltraLife range of hydraulic oils we have proven that Energy Efficiency performance can be achieved, this along with many other benefits our customers recognise that hydraulic oil is seen as what it should be, an asset and not a commodity product.

The term “Oil Management” encompasses the experience, passion, desire and core values that drive OMS LubriTek to never stand still in offering our customers leading products and services.

With the plastics industry being our core focus market sector, we were a proud finalist in the Plastics Industry Awards 2017 which highlights the importance of oil management within the plastics industry and that OMS LubriTek are recognised as the market leader.

“I contacted OMS LubriTek to arrange analysis of the oil on our injection moulding machines. The visit was made the same day and analysis and recommendations within a week. I cannot fault the service they give and would encourage others to use them.”

Our oil management services include hydraulic oil analysis which gives an in-depth diagnostic report of the oil condition from each machine sampled; these are accompanied by an easy to understand traffic light system overview. To ensure the oil meets Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) specifications we can then carry out various services such as filtration to reduce ISO cleanliness levels (typically ISO 17/14/11) water contamination removal, full oil changes and also initial oil fills for new machines installed.

With our team of oil management technicians we can offer nationwide coverage to guarantee our customers a first class flexible service meaning they can rely on us to take care of their oil management needs and onsite education to ensure our customers understand the importance and benefits of oil management services.

We have invested significantly in equipment and in particular the custom manufactured filtration rigs which ensure we can offer fast, cost effective services to our customers.

With our flexible approach and understanding of individual business needs we can offer tailored package solutions such as the oil management preventative maintenance, complete lubricant product supply through to end of life waste removal meaning we can offer our customers the ‘complete package’.