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Hydraulic Oil Changes

Hydraulic oil does not last forever and along with contamination there are other factors that will deplete longevity and affect performance over time. This is more often the case nowadays with machines running at higher pressures and temperatures due to the use of technically advanced components such as nitrogen accumulators and servo driven pumps and valves. Once the hydraulic oil has reached its end of usable life, which is monitored through hydraulic oil analysis Rockson LubriTek offer hydraulic oil changes.

Once hydraulic oil has oxidised to a certain level, the additive package has depleted or the debris, wear metal or water contaminant levels are too high for filtration, we would recommend a full hydraulic oil change of the system. As part of the complete package we offer the depleted hydraulic oil would be drained from the machine, the hydraulic oil tank cleaned then re-filled with the new oil.

The hydraulic oil change would then be concluded with filtration to meet the OEM ISO cleanliness level specification and certification provided.